IFRS-based Audit

In the world, many countries had already adopted IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) . The listed companies in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, China, France, and Germany, had adopted IFRS and prepare financial statement. And consolidated subsidiary of listed companies that adopt IFRS must close their account by IFRS in principle. Specifically, even if a consolidated subsidiary in Japan has prepared the financial statements based on Japanese accounting standard, that financial statement had to be reclassified by IFRS and send it to their parent company.

In this case, parent company (or auditor of the parent company) may make request of audit about financial statement or package for consolidated financial statements. And, parent company prompted you to be audited by CPA or audit firm. In Japan, there are many subsidiaries of foreign company. Therefore, the case in which audit will be required has been increasing in Japan. But there are few certified public accountants and professionals who are familiar with IFRS. So subsidiaries in Japan often have to ask for the major audit firm that has many professionals who are well-acquainted with IFRS, and audit cost tend to be more expensive.

We offer audit-service about financial statements and package for consolidated financial statements by IFRS based. Furthermore, we advise for clients as to closing flexibly. Supported language is English only, but we provide our service at the level not so different from major auditing firm. Besides audit fees will be reasonable because only minimum staffs required for the task are going to engage in. Our approach is totally different from the major audit firm that makes many staffs involved in. If you have distress about audit fee, please feel free to contact us by all means.